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Hairly (Hair Like Yours) was officially launched on the 30th of March 2020. We provide natural hair textures similar enough to match yours. Our wigs and bundles are of excellent quality, re-usable and can be further customised to match your needs.

HairlyUK was born out of a place of need for accessible hair extensions of high quality in the UK. It was initially started as a concept in 2016 by Susan and has been further developed as a brand in 2020.

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Here is a little background story:

''I started Hairly again in February 2020 to empower women like you make the most out of your everyday with our versatile hair extensions and bundles. At the time of our initial development in 2016, the hair extensions industry was inundated with so many businesses popping up on every corner street both physically and online. Although I started Hairly, I was a little apprehensive because I wanted this business to stand out from the crowd. So I packed up shop and went back to the drawing board to re-brand and re-strategise.

10 years ago when I started wearing extensions in my hair, I would normally have to go to the stores to buy or even buy from the USA with no guarantee on quality. I would usually spend an eye watering amount for hair bundles or a customized lace wig unit. After a few disappointments in the quality of my hair extensions, I decided to source my own extensions and started making my own wigs and colouring my hair units. Everywhere I wore my wigs to, friends, families and even strangers would compliment my hair style and the craft I enjoyed doing. This brought me so much fulfillment.

Eventually, I started making wigs and braiding hair small scale. I would stay up working through late nights to finish a job because I thoroughly enjoyed making hair. In essence, I was giving back to the beauty industry and putting smiles on the faces of my customers. This passion drove me to start Hairly.

 As a result of a gap in market to catering to hair needs, creating natural looking units and providing quality products, Hairly was created''. Our wigs, clip ins and bundles are of unmatched quality and we aim to deliver!


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